We put into practice the improvement obtained by experience, analyze the perspectives, generate trust of our partners and transform all of those into actions dedicated to you and your company.

The most accessible way of making micropayments – SMS payment method is designed to support the development of online business, but also to facilitate and satisfy end customers, which can make wanted purchases anywhere, anytime, paying them through mobile phone bill.

Through the SMS payment method we create, integrate and develop ways to offer our customers the possibility to increase the degree of accessibility of their products and services, creating opportunities at the level of a very broad public, which is in continuum development and growth -more than 24 million mobile phone users.

By implementing SMS payment system will expand the range of potential clients from 8 million – users and holders of credit cards, to 24 million – users and owners of mobile terminals and services.

If you own a new online stores or if you are already a well-known brand in e-commerce, through integration into the website of the most professional and easy payment methods-NETOPIA mobilPay SMS will considerably increase the opportunities of development.  Offer to your customers a complementary payment solution by implementing a sequence of code that requires minimal programming skills

Remove any limitation by ensuring collaboration with all mobile phone companies: Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Digi Mobile.

We bring with you customers who are reluctant to online credit card payments by offering them an alternative to eliminate skepticism, payment via SMS payment method.