We offer more than just payment solutions, we facilitate payments and offer safe transfers, supporting business development through online trading solutions, easy to implement for both our clients and their customers. We support the effective and efficient growth of online sales.

By integrating Link to Pay offered by NETOPIA mobilPay marketing knows a new dimension. Regardless of promotional campaign or environment you choose to make your products or services known -newsletter campaign, Facebook page or Twitter account, by integrating Link to Pay your customers can purchase the product, making an instant payment, even in your campaign.

Offer to your customers affordable solutions to acquire your products / services, by paying in installments without interest- CARD AVANTAJ , BT STAR and BONUS CARD.

Products/services marketed become more accessible and more appealing when, through online payment, customers can benefit from paying in installments without interest.

Payment in installments without interest means more than sales growth, means customer loyalty and another way to satisfy the desires of your existing clients or new ones – service that does not require Bank agreement, surcharges or long lasting approvals.

Offer to your customers the convenience of automatic payments from their account, without any effort, without the need to go to the desks, filling out forms or the stressful correspondence full of outstanding invoices, offer to your customers the pleasure of NETOPIA mobilPay recurring payment service.

Dedicated to merchants who offer subscription-based services/products, NETOPIA mobilPay automatic recurring payments allows the automatic charging of the customers with subscriptions value, at predetermined time intervals by mutual agreement.