NETOPIA mobilPay is a leader in micropayments via SMS, in Romania.


Connect to market demands: offline, online, mobile shopping – mobilPay Wallet


Expand your business world-wide with the first decentralized, universal currency – Bitcoin.


NETOPIA mobilPay – safe and easy payment method, with PCI DSS Level 1 credentials


Safe and easy payment at PCI DSS standards

We guarantee the safety of daily settlements for 3000 merchants


 Free App for iOS and Android

Shopping, paying bills, PrePaid recharge, all through a Smart app


Speed, relaxation, safety

Over 3 million customers have paid for the desired products via SMS


Access the most innovative payment method.

Low costs and settlement in RON


3 million micropayments successfully completed

24 million potential customers for your online business – quick and easy payment solutions via SMS


Mobile. Fast. Safe.

Download the most awarded mobile payment app in Romania and discover a new way to pay!


Increase your revenues with the safest payment method

3D secure processing for more than 3,000 online merchants


How does it work?

Easy. Safe. Legal. Global. Be part in the development of great ideas through a safe, easy and legal financial system.

About Us

What we do?

NETOPIA mobilPay means development through experience and success, inspired by the technology of the future.

SMS Payment

SMS Payment

We use our market-leading experience in micropayments via SMS to support online business development.
We serve our clients in compelling values of a reliable partner in online payments through:

  • Experience and professionalism

Over 9 years of experience in the local market
More than 3 million SMS delivered

  • Partnership with all nationwide mobile providers

Contractual relationship with Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Digi Mobil

  • Market Leaders 

Position as the market leader in the segment of micropayment via SMS

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Wallet Payment

Wallet Payment

We develop solutions to facilitate the procedures for offline, online and mobile payments.

With mobilPay Wallet, the safety and simplicity of payments knows a new definition and your business experiences a new era of development.

The ability to adapt to new technological trends, commercial agents and their clients demands on every aspect, from the perspective of both the merchant and the buyer, led us to develop the most convenient and efficient payment system, dedicated to end customers, for development of your business – mobilPay Wallet.

  • Offer your customers easy, quick and safe alternative for shopping on mobile phone

mobilPay Wallet app is available for FREE for iOS and Andoid, with which your customers can shop in stores, pay bills and purchase products online

  • We offer the tool that can turn navigation in buying

Offer your customers the speed and simplicity to make payments by smartphone, anytime, anywhere, anyhow

  • We offer fast, reliable, innovative solutions for all kind of shopping

We offer to your customers the app through which they can pay in partner-shops, pay bills, PrePaid recharge, scan QR codes, in offline or online for direct payments.

  • We put you in direct contact with your clients

mobilPay Wallet features a push type notification system for your easily communication with your customers.

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Credit Card Payment

Credit Card Payment

We offer more than just payment solutions, we facilitate payments and provide safe transfers, supporting business development through online trading solutions easy to implement for both our clients and their customers.

  • We guarantee the security of the transfers 

We use 3D Secure trading environment

  • We facilitate clients ‘ access to your services and products 

We use a user-friendly management and reporting interface

  • Efficient time management through easy platform for credit card payment

The mobilPay payment platform is implemented quickly in 3 simple steps

  • We customize online credit card payment services in order to facilitate integration into website

Via payment modules created by us for platforms like Prestashop, Magento, OsCommerce, Zencart, WHMCS can be integrated in less than 5 minutes, without the need of advanced programming knowledge

  • We provide solutions to your online business optimization

We integrate online sales-marketing tool: Link to Pay

  • Facilitate customer loyalty by eliminating renewal subscriptions stress

We integrate recurring payments for subscriptions service

  • We guarantee our customers the fastest experience

CVV Payment (one time click payment)


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We analyze, implement and develop the most innovative payment options, access the most advanced techniques and technologies that we put in the service of your business development, we actively participate in the development of emerging markets by offering financial services up-to-date.

  • Irreversible payments, without refund and chargeback risk

The fraud risk through chargeback is eliminated by irreversibility and safety Bitcoin transactions.

  • Easy to implement

Without bank intermediation, Bitcoin payments are as simple as it is sending an e-mail

  • Settlement in RON

Perfectly legal transactions! Regardless of where payment is made, in what currency, you will receive the value of the products marketed in Ron, at the price set

  • Best value for the end customer of exchange

Due to the existence of 0% commission for exchange, the end customer will benefit from the best interchange ratio.

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Responsive payment page

Responsive payment page

We offer more than just online payment services, we are reliable partners for your online business development:

  • Facilitate access to your customers to online payment services, regardless of the device used
  • Responsive payment form
  • Direct payments on your responsive website

If you own a responsive website or online shop, mobilPay allows you to hold online payment methods fully compatible with any device used by your customers.

We are always looking for the most facile and effective online payment methods dedicated to your business and to your customers, so by making responsive payment page we offer extra comfort to your clients, to shop online, anywhere, anyhow, anytime.

We offer a shopping experience tailored to your clients needs and requirements, giving them access to payment services, regardless of the device used, enriching their online shopping experience.